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What is DrainFunnel?

DrainFunnel is a bathtub clog prevention device that requires zero maintenance! It funnels all water and hair down the drain, through your pipes and into the sewer. See our video for more information.

Is DrainFunnel right for me?

DrainFunnel is designed to fit 1.3"-1.7" diameter bathtub drains with a standard crossbar pattern. Recommended for homes with PVC or ABS plumbing. Check out our FAQ section to learn more.

How do I use DrainFunnel?

1. Remove your current drain stopper or hair catching device.

2. Clean out your drain so that there is no hair in sight and the tub drains normally. 

3. Place DrainFunnel inside the drain so that the bottom opening is over the back most quadrant of the drain.

4. Thats it! See our video for installation tips.


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