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Why does my drain always get clogged?

The #1 cause of clogged drains is HAIR! Hair typically gets caught around the tub stopper or in the grate that covers the tub drain. If you remove the tub stopper or grate you will see that your drain has metal crossbars. These crossbars are in the majority of drains and are the cause of most bathtub clogs. Hair will tend to wrap around the crossbars causing a"snowball" effect until finally you are ankle deep in slow-running water.

clogged drain

Will it work in my bathtub or shower?

DrainFunnel fits all standard 1.5" bathtub drains that have crossbars. All orders are shipped with a small and large funnel that will flex to fit into tub drains that are 1.3"-1.7" in diameter and have a depth of at least 0.8". We only recommend using a DrainFunnel in homes with PVC or ABS plumbing (in the 1970s plastic plumbing became the go to plumbing pipe material.

DrainFunnel is only for bathtub drains with crossbars. Make sure the threaded rod is also removable with the stopper. 

Is it a hair catcher?

Nope! It's quite the opposite. DrainFunnel lets your hair flow smoothly down the drain, preventing hair from catching on the crossbars of the tub drain.

Where does the hair go?

All of your hair goes down the drain and into the sewer so you never have to spend money on plumbing products or pull gross hair balls out of your drain again. If you're on city sewer the hair will get filtered out at a water treatment plant and sent to a landfill. If you're on a septic system usually hair will settle with the sludge layer, but some tanks have filters that hair can get caught in. Just make sure you know your septic tank and how it works!

Won't the hair get stuck in the p-trap?

Great question! This is one of the first things we tested when we came up with DrainFunnel and the answer is no! If you have a clean p-trap when you install DrainFunnel, the water from the showerhead creates enough pressure to push the hair through the p-trap.

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